October 24, 2012

BBQ Stakes 24 th October 2012

Chief timekeeper was Richard Jukes, and chief recorder was Tim Wright.

Gabrielle Wright  was last to finish, but showed her determination, by finishing with a smile.

Carolyne Kramar and Judy Kuleaz started early and were the first to cross the finishing line.

Axel Godeck continued with his comeback, and finished 58 th today, Daniel Buckley edged him out by one place, and Kathleen Bleakley was around those placings.

Today's winner was having his 10 th run,Peter Burke, Steven,  I did not catch his surname, second  at 40:44 was Matthew Murphy, one of the backmarkers to start.

Julie Quinn was mentioned as a stormer to win the pointscore this year, only a few weeks left to pick up those vital last runs points.
Caroline Campbell finished with 42:43, a regular performer. Robert Ey was 53 rd and Roger Pilkington 54 th, they run together. Gary Bowen was 50 th, Helen Larmour was 56 th.

Rad Leovic, although he travelled to New Zealand for a triathlon, decided wisely not to start because of the appalling conditions at the time, the swim leg would have been extremely chilly amd very testing for the competitors.


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