September 12, 2012

BBQ Stakes 12 th September 2012

58 runners today, with a visitor from Queensland, Colin Bridge, who came for his son's engagement party and for The Canberra Times Fun Run, and of course for the BBQ Stakes.

Colin has run the Stakes some 430 times, and was the handicapper at sone stage, and had a winning streak of 5 times in 7 runs at some stage in the past.

Today's winner is going on holidays, previously planned, so timekeeper for next week was arranged today.

Today's timekeeper, Robert Ey, who finished about 10 th last week,  has 3 wins from 90  runs.

Lloyd Edwards was awarded his 400 th run T-Shirt today, he also runs the Customs Joggers event and the Lakes Stakes on a regular basis. His first Stakes was in April 1988 and his P.B. is 21:12, with 1180 Lakes Stakes.

Caroline Campbell, 55 th today,  and Helen Larmour, 54 th today,  returned for the Stakes run today, after a short and a long absence respectively.

Today's winner was Tony Wynd,  at 39:10 across the line, with 4 wins 91 runs and a P.B. of 26:41, second was Matthew Murphy, and Andrew Blyton was third, following his good effort in the Canberra Times Fun Run.


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