September 05, 2012

BBQ Stakes and Lake Tuggers Stakes 4th and 5th September 2012

4th September 2012
 Lake Tuggeranong stakes had 11 participants.

5th September 2012 BBQ Stakes had 58 runners

BBQ Stakes last week John Hall had a win, he has 678 runs, he will be the next person to run 700 runs since he is now on 678 runs with 21 wins.

Lloyd Edwards is now on 399 runs, so should complete his 400 th run next week.

Richard Jukes, Sandy Lolikato and Angela Chapman were in the mix for the teams title today, unfortunately the trophy could not be presented to them today, the recent winners did not bring the trophy along.  Richard Jukes may have been the winner today, and the Wright couple ran together today.  John Busteed did not participate today, he must have had a holiday, but Judy Kuleas went early today, and finished full of running,  Anne Young we hope is well after her blip last week, when she felt a bit dizzy, and Caroline Campbell didn't run either.  The Vets had their monthly dinner at The Hellenic bistro last night, and there was good company and it was an enjoyable occasion.


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