August 21, 2012

Rad Still Celebrating his birthday.

On the 20th anniversary of his 65th birthday, Rad is still celebrating, this time at Black Mountain Run Up, by taking a cake and candle, while John Harding provided some drinks and some power bars, and other eats/drinks, while Trevor Jacobs and Stuart Doyle provided party hats to provide a festive
 atmosphere for the occasion.  Rad ran the race in 25:33, his fastest in the last three months.  Stuart Doyle blitzed the field in 12:33, a return to form, Anthony Scott came in second at 13:23, with Simon Claringbold in 14:13, a multiple time place getter, John Kennedy rode his bike there and ran 15:25, and Diana Schneider ran with Rad, Geoff Barker also ran in 21:52.

I believe his actual birthday is 29 th August, so there will be another celebration soon, probably at the BBQ stakes tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd August.

He is then headed overseas to France for a holiday, and will compete in the World Duathlon Championships, and enjoy a well earned holiday.


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