October 12, 2012

BBQ Stakes 10 th October 2012

Krissa O'Nell was today's timekeeper, and sent everybody onto the course; when that was done she went to buy some lunch ( sandwiches) and returned in time to clock everyone across the finishing line. Krissa.s time last week was her P.B. of 30:19,

Roxie Tanner again had a good run in the stakes, despite having earlier run 6 km in the morning.

Andrew Guild finished in 60 th place, probably because of an earlier 6 km (with Roxie Tanner) in the morning.

Axel Godack put in his slowest run for ages, making his return to the stakes, there is obviously room for improvement, having "gone missing" for a long time.

Roger Pilkington's next long run might be the Melbourne Marathon, if I heard correctly. 

Garry Bowen is doing some data entry for the BBQ Stakes history, he is entering  older results into the data base, and I believe he has been making corrections where duplication of names has been made, and correcting entries when required.

Rad Leovic made a return to the Stakes after his Duathlon World Championship age group medal, and Julie Quinn also returned to the Stakes after her World Championship Rogaining victory.  Anne Young, paid a visit before the run to report on her medical investigations after suffering a dizzy spell a few weeks previously.  She has not been able to find a reason for her medical problem after visiting the doctors, and will probably not be running the Stakes for a while, because of the Veterans Club Track and Field starting soon, and the Vets Half Marathon in August.

Kerrie Tanner is now on a new running program, being 5 minutes run, then 1 minute walk, and is hoping that will help her return to "good form".


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