October 03, 2012

BBQ Stakes 3 October 2012

Juliee Quinn returned today, with a World Championship Rogaining  win to be proud of.

58 or so runners today to give her a cheer, and congratulations.

Roxie Tanner had a second official run and split the placings between Kerrie Tanner and Leah Afiabo.

Tim Wright again helped with the recording, Brian Crowe also helped, and last week's winner did the timing, before Kerrie rushed off in haste, after the presentations.

Gabrielle Wright also ran and brought up the last placing in the field.  John Schedding wore his Barcelona Football Club shirt, Matthew Murphy has had one year since his win.

Clarissa O'Neill had a win today, at 39:49, it being five years since her P.B.

Second was Matt Henkel,and 3rd placing ** was Sandy Lolikato, who got his photo in the Canberra Times, while training fot The Canberra Times Fun Run.

The Teams trophy was won by Health, in today's reverse run..

* Third  placing may have been Sandy white.


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