September 19, 2012

BBQ Stakes 19 th September 2012

Jen Bright put herself under the hammer today, by turning up much later then usual, but nevertheless, put in a good run to finish before everybody had gone home.  I think she had been to the hairdresser.  Lucky it was a nice fine day with above average temperatures.  A total of 56 runners  today, but the reason why the numbers were a little low is not known.  Brian Crowe did the timekeeping, even though he is not running yet,  in fact he is going on a holiday soon, so he  will be sorely missed. Hope his foot recovers quickly.  He is there almost every week to record the finishers, and has a vast knowledge of every persons activities,and the football clubs they support.

Someone bought a racing car today from the Discount Chemist, but forgot to take it with them afterwards.  Hope they don't get in trouble at home for being forgetful.  If not claimed, it will be there next week for collection.I went to the medical centre today, arriving before 9 o'clock and was seen within 30 minutes with all prescriptions renewed.

I had not been attended by that doctor previously, but was impressed with his efficiency and manner.

Got some essential tablets, and will return in a few weeks time for a cholesterol blood check.

That requires some fasting which is a little uncomfortable to do, I think he said 12 hours fasting.

Nevertheless, I am sure to survive.



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