October 16, 2012

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes, Tuesday 16 th October 2012

Runners today included Rad Leovic, for the 3km out and back course.
His time was 41:43, and he was not the first to return however.

Peter Foster was first over the line but not the winner. His time was 37:30 from a start of 2:30.

Peter had competed in the Melbourne Marathon in just over 4 hours,  last weekend, and is due to run another marathon shortly.

Six other runners competed.

Daniel Buckley finished at 41:31 from a handicap of 2:30, in 41:31.

Colin Phillips finished at 40:57 from a handicap of 4:00.

Gary Morris finished at 39:50 from a 6:30 handicap. He was pronounsed the winner.

David Low finished at 43:21 from an 11:30 handicap.

Cameron Curry finished at 42:32 from a handicap of 12:45.

There was a headwind on the outward journey only, and a warm 23 degrees or so on the day.


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