October 17, 2012

BBQ Stakes 17 th October 2012

A welcome return to Carolyne Kramar and to Caroline Campbell, both having recently been overseas.

Matt Henkel, last week's winner was timekeeper, and was joined by his brother for a little chat while he was doing the timekeeping.  Matt was off 12:15, but after his win is now off 13:30 next week.

Helen Larmour turned up;  although a little late for the run, she has not run the stakes for a while.

George Pagotelis also ran, and started from the backmark behind Matthew Murphy, who was second last starter.  Last week's fastest times were by Julie Quinn 23:37, and Richard Jukes 24:08.
 Richard Jukes was the winner with 94 runs, P.B. of 29:25,  on 5th September 2012, and 4 wins.

Second was Simon Heineken, third placed was Gordon Calcino.

Heather Powrie is sitting on 99 runs, Robert Ey is on 97 runs and Tim Wright has 397 under his belt, although he has been helping with recording for the last few weeks.

57 ran today, perhaps 58 including Roxie Tanner.


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