February 20, 2006

A Crackerjack Day

For a run at the Cotter.

I have not been out there since 30th December for a the run with "John D"on his birthday.

It was such a good day for a long run. And it was almost exactly according to forecast.
So, in around 3 hours for the Cotter 15 miles, which I have a best time of just under 2 hours, was run slowly, just ambling along in just over 3 hours.

There was no pressure to run fast, or to meet a deadline. The only factor was to have a long run.

Forerunner man was good company, but he doesn't record at my usual timing points, so I have to remember the time at each of those points and record them in my diary on arrival home.

Maybe I should take my MP3, which also has FM radio, and a voice recording function. Then I could record my timing point times, and enjoy the music the remaining parts of the run.

Until next time.


Blogger CJ said...

Sounds like a good run Friar. I enjoy those runs where there is no expectation of time but just to get out there and enjoy the day. They are usually my best runs....accompanied by my trusty ipod, of course!

2:51 pm, February 23, 2006  

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