February 19, 2006


After being informed today that a young lady could not successfully make comments to my blog, I changed some of the settings; so feel free to try and comment, but keep your fingers crossed.

I know I was frustrated myself the other day, after making a comment on a blogsite and then sending it, only to have it disappear to "Who Knows Where.??"

Hope the young lady can make comments from now on.
Plus everybody else, feel free to post any and all comments.

I am looking forward to some avid reading. :-))

:-) Until Next Time


Blogger strewth said...

Lol - the young lady in question (!!) is very flattered by your description and hopes this comment works. I agree indeed that today's handicap was an extremely hot one but glad it wasn't run any later.

11:04 pm, February 19, 2006  
Blogger Ewen said...

I think some of my comments may have disappeared.

One was to wish you a 'happy birthday' and thanks for your work at the track on Thursday with the photo finish. We all appreciate those 'electric times'!

10:19 pm, February 20, 2006  

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