February 06, 2006

Burnie St Underpass

BBQ Stakes has been Undermined by works which have been started on the Burnie St Underpass precincts.

Today, I gave this area an inspection, and the western side of the underpass has been barriered off. Pedestrian traffic is diverted down a side street.

As usual, there were two trucks, one excavator, and a few "workers" standing around talking to each other. They had actually uprooted parts of the western footpath, and were probably talking about what to do next.

So, the BBQ Stakes this week will most likely be an out-and-back course to the 3km mark, and return.

Note that the 3km mark is located by a yellow ribbon around the small tree just past the electricity joint box. There is also a yellow ribbon around a small rock, which rock, looks like it could be easily moved to the centre of the path to turn around. So use the tree as the turning point, and turn around the rock Clockwise on normal days, and anti-clockwise on "Reverse Run" days.

The tradition of the first Wednesday of the month being run in reverse, will continue, but with the same out-and-back course as the weekly run, until the "Burnie St Underpass" works are complete.

Until Next Time.
(After Wednesday.)


Blogger Friar said...

They've now continued with the work at Burnie St Underpass.

A 200 metre section of the footpath on the western side of the Underpass has been removed and the dirt underneath has been excavated to over 1 metre in depth.

More next time.

8:14 am, February 10, 2006  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

I didn't go anywhere near Patrick Johnson's lane, Friar! I didn't want him to see how fast I am!!!

11:53 am, February 11, 2006  

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