February 19, 2006

The Flying Tomato - Nicknames

We Bloggers should not be surprised by the multiplicity of Nicknames at The Torino Winter Olympics.

Torino, I believe is the Italianicised version of Turin.

The Flying Tomato is Shaun White - Snowboard Half-Pipe
The Speeding Sausage is Georg Hacki - Luge
The Heater is Dany Heatley - Ice Hockey
The Digger is Jarome Iginla - Ice Hockey
Red Dog is Wade Redden - Ice Hockey
Bang Bang, Bondra and Saint Peter are Peter Bondra - Ice Hockey
Grandma Luge is Anne Abernathy - Luge

Courtesy of The Canberra Times 19 Feb 2006, page 67.

Until Next Time :-)


Blogger Aki said...

That's where it comes from!!!

6:54 pm, February 28, 2006  

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