November 02, 2012

Customs Joggers Friday 2 November 2012

Competed (not). " Participated" may be a better statement about today's effort.

I got in the post this morning two pairs of compression socks.

Thought I'd try them out, they tired me out instead.

Wore them over a 5.4 km course, something resembling the Custome Joggers Floriade course, which means at that speed there is plenty of room for improvement.  The first km was just on 10 minutes.

Must get over to Stromlo Forest Park for a few training runs, where I think the YMCA runners club are going to hold some of their races.

Then recycled our old mobile phone at Duffy Shop/Post Office, by placing all the paraphenalia into an envelope, signing a declaration that there were no dangerous goods in there, and leaving it for collection at the Post Office.  It's all too easy.


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