October 31, 2012

The Heather on The Hill

The title comes from the musical of Brigadoon (1954).

It fits Heather Powrie and her 100th run in the BBQ Stakes today.

Her first run was on 4 th April 2007.

She missed last week's run, but turned up early today, on her trusty Bicycle.

Her 100 th run T-shirt was so ready for her that she was wearing it as soon as she could put it on.

Peter Burke, in a personal best on his 10th run last week of  26:00 was the timekeeper and he didn't miss a beat. George Pagotellis has now completed 1 year of running the stakes and was again, one of the backmarkers today. George as usual cheered himself when his name was called.

52 competed and a couple of the ladies ran half the course, and came back early, it being a bit hot for them to go further, but promising themselved to run the entire course next week.
The winner today, Matthew Murphy, on his 537 th run with 15 wins, had a time across the line of 40:30.  his P.B. is  22:11 on 8th September 2010.  Second today was Simon Heineken, and third eligible was Jeff King on 41:17, from IP Australia, auguring well for the teams event next week.

Carolyne Kramar again ran the course with her I Phone supplying the music to run by.

Roxie Tanner found it a bit hot today, after going for a run early in the morning, so may scratch herself when the weather is so hot.

Julie Quinn missed the run today, but she was named as the Team ACT Sports star for the month of September 2012, togather with David Baldwin, for Rogaining.

Axel Godeck trains with a Dragon Boat team, and told me that a huge number of Dragon Boat teams regularly train and compete throughout the year.


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