March 10, 2010

BBQ Stakes News Double milestone.

Today's event saw 2 Milestones.

Though it's a 6 Kilometre run.

46 ran today on the occasion of 32 years of this event, and the 10,000 th participant.

This honour went to John Barrett as the 10,000 finisher.
Terry Dixon, who processes the results worked it out and there was a suitable presentation and announcement today. Winner of the run today was "Sandyhia" (excuse the spelling), second was Terry Levings and Bob Harlow finished in 3rd place. Bob rides his bike from Cook and rides back afterwards.

Bernie Crowe and Carolyne Kramar helped record the results today. Eddie Adams was the timekeeper, having won last week.

Tony Sergi was first across the line and Bill Simeonovic was further down in the field. Those two are good mates and previously have run together. John Busteed had a sore Achilles but still competed. Anne Youbg made a return run today after being absent elsewhere for a few weeks. Garry Bowen ran a time of 26:21, finishing at 40:06 from a handicap of 13:45.

Best wishes to Kerrie Tanner for a good run in the 6 foot track event this weekend and to our 5 toed socks lady, who is also in the six foot track, hoping to keep in front of the 7 hour cut off time.

Carolyne ran out of petrol on Denny, her trusted motorised Orange colored transport, so had to fill up on petrol after the stakes, with Bob providing some help.

The Weston Creek Half Marathon is also happening this coming Sunday, so good luck to all who are competing.


Blogger Carolyne said...

Great report Doug. Running is so much richer having you to look after us!

7:34 pm, March 11, 2010  
Blogger Friar said...

The 5 toed sock lady may be Sharene Hernan, who I think has eun the 6 foot track oreviously.

7:40 pm, March 11, 2010  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

Hurnen. Another of the speedygeese to run @ BBQ. p.s. nice profile picture Friar.

10:13 pm, March 11, 2010  
Blogger NKOTB said...

You mentioned a URL for previous BBQ run results, here it is

Thanks to Andrew Walker for finding this, unsurprising he is a patent examiner who we all can trust to search.
Apparently, wheels are in motion to update the last couple of years results.

10:13 pm, March 12, 2010  

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