February 17, 2010

BBQ Stakes 17 February 2010

A good turn out of 39 or so today.

Caroline Kramar and Brian Crowe, helped out today with recording.

Bernie Crowe ran today, he is an iconic name in Canberra running and triathlon circles, with wife Yvonne.

Caroline Kramar was not dressed for running, just a few days after a hernia operation, but at least she was well enough to drive her car, and record the finishers.
Today's event was won by Terry Dixon, from Andrew Walker and third placed Raymond Chao. Raymond has a string of top placings this year. Terry Dixon had a time of 40:11 today. He processes the results for each event.

Rumour has it that some of the BBQ Stakes results are on the Internet, although I don't know the URL address. Stay tuned.

Adeian Plunkett has a total of 767 Stakes and John Busteed is snapping at his heels with a ttal of 763 Stakes.

Ian Hore has 698 recorded finishes.


Blogger Friar said...

Nick Walshe again ran a top time today, from the backmark, And I asked him about the young girl who managed the latest Runners Shop Sale Advert.

Her Name is Joanne Bradley, from the family of Bradleys, a name well knowm in Canberra running Circles.

I think Keith Bradley did well in The Canberra Times Fun Run in the early years, and is a life member of the ACT Cross Country Club.

5:34 pm, February 17, 2010  
Blogger Friar said...

From Speedygeoff We Blog

Sprint Marathon Relay
Due to the heavy rain in Canberra last weekend, the Sprint Marathon was postponed until Sunday 21st February 2010. For all those who had signed up, please ensure you confirm your availability or otherwise for Sunday with Jim White by Thursday night (ph: 6231 4168). Jim will be at the Track Thursday evening.

5:38 pm, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it Raymond Chao but best to check with the man.

1:42 pm, February 18, 2010  
Anonymous Andrew Walker said...

I just found this page

which might be the one? It doesn't seem to have any recent BBQ results in it, but there are some older ones if you search for a few of the "regulars" ! Adrian let slip this Wednesday may be a milestone...
I hope to get there, have had some sort of cough/cold bug for the last week.

Andrew Walker

1:56 pm, March 08, 2010  

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