February 24, 2010

BBQ Stakes 24 February 2010

A good number of runners turned up today on the occasion of the 200th run by Ian Hore.

He finished mid field today for his 700th run, his PB is 23:52 which he ran in 1992.

Today was a win by Joe Arouk finishing over the line in 39:51, with his PB time at 25:39.

Not sure whether that was his net time today. Second today was Eddy Adams, with 3rd being Gary Bowen.

Caroline Campbell made her debut run in the BBQ Stakes today, welcome Caroline. Carolyne Kramar, still in recovery mode after her recent operation helped record the finishers' names and placings. She rode her scooter today (Deni).

Daniel Buckley was given his 200th run T-Shirt today even though he earned it a few weeks previously.

The T-Shirts are now sourced from Honduras, and Ian is the first to be awarded his from this source.

Raymond Chao finished ninth today, still well up in the placings in a field of 45 or so.


Blogger NKOTB said...

I was told about your blog recently and I find it interesting and informative. Keep up the good
Being an ex patent examiner you may still remember me but i was in the electrical area so we would have very little interaction.
Hope to chat to you more when i
next see you.

11:29 pm, February 25, 2010  

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