February 24, 2006

On The Fly

A pleasant outing on the bike to Near scrivener Dam and Return.

I turned for home in the carpark area near the dam.

Went downhill over the wooden bridge at a speed over 30 kph, and frightened myself at the prospect of flying off the bike path at that speed.

Forerunner man was on Bike Speed, so it was interesting to see his updated progress reports.

Until Next Time


Today the ACT Championships commence, and continue over the weekend.

With my participation in the photofinish/administration area, A lot of care will be needed when a certain lady runs in the 400 metres, and in the 400 metres Hurdles.

When a few years ago, this lady spoke to me for registration, and then to Michael T, she seemed very nice, and down to earth.

Hope she does well, and there is no media scrum.

Anyway, my running today will be The Customs Joggers, which will bring up just over 50 km for the week.

Will have to wait for Monday for a chance to run again, so hope the weather is cool enough for another longish run, which could be around West Basin.

Until Next Time

February 20, 2006

A Crackerjack Day

For a run at the Cotter.

I have not been out there since 30th December for a the run with "John D"on his birthday.

It was such a good day for a long run. And it was almost exactly according to forecast.
So, in around 3 hours for the Cotter 15 miles, which I have a best time of just under 2 hours, was run slowly, just ambling along in just over 3 hours.

There was no pressure to run fast, or to meet a deadline. The only factor was to have a long run.

Forerunner man was good company, but he doesn't record at my usual timing points, so I have to remember the time at each of those points and record them in my diary on arrival home.

Maybe I should take my MP3, which also has FM radio, and a voice recording function. Then I could record my timing point times, and enjoy the music the remaining parts of the run.

Until next time.

February 19, 2006

North Curtin 19 March 2006

Usually the Vets Handicap is held on the last Sunday of the month.
This handicap was one week earlier than the usual, in that the ACT Combined ACT Championships are on the lasr weekend of this month.

Three events were held and the course start area was changed slightly to not interfere with a Junior Cricket match on the Western oval.

An early start at 8:30 am was more than warranted, the forecst max. temp for the day was 34 degrees. I can assure all readers that the temp towards the end of the run was mighty hot.

Due to eligibility rules, the Thomas series winner finished in Third place overall, Second finished in 4th place, and Third finished in Eighth place.

Speedygeoff http://geoffmoore.blogspot.com/ won the bronxe medal today, third place in the Thomas Series.

Until Next Time

The Flying Tomato - Nicknames

We Bloggers should not be surprised by the multiplicity of Nicknames at The Torino Winter Olympics.

Torino, I believe is the Italianicised version of Turin.

The Flying Tomato is Shaun White - Snowboard Half-Pipe
The Speeding Sausage is Georg Hacki - Luge
The Heater is Dany Heatley - Ice Hockey
The Digger is Jarome Iginla - Ice Hockey
Red Dog is Wade Redden - Ice Hockey
Bang Bang, Bondra and Saint Peter are Peter Bondra - Ice Hockey
Grandma Luge is Anne Abernathy - Luge

Courtesy of The Canberra Times 19 Feb 2006, page 67.

Until Next Time :-)


After being informed today that a young lady could not successfully make comments to my blog, I changed some of the settings; so feel free to try and comment, but keep your fingers crossed.

I know I was frustrated myself the other day, after making a comment on a blogsite and then sending it, only to have it disappear to "Who Knows Where.??"

Hope the young lady can make comments from now on.
Plus everybody else, feel free to post any and all comments.

I am looking forward to some avid reading. :-))

:-) Until Next Time

February 16, 2006

Birthday Brightened by Flashduck Cakes

My birthday celebrations extended over a few days this week.
Monday was the actual day, 13th - some people regard 13 as an unlucky number, and in some hotels, floor 13 is left out of the floor sequence.

We went to Batemans Bay, and had a walk along the beach, a bit of a tour, and lunch of Fish freshly caught and cooked at a seafood eatery.

Then on Tuesday at Lake Tuggeranong Stakes, FlashDuck http://flashduck.blogspot.com/ came along and drove Rad and Friar to the event. She also announced the birthday occasion so many well wishes were made.

I had an inkling that she was planning a cake that day, but she kept them under wraps until the BBQ Stakes on Wednesday at Woden.

We were surprised after the event, by the number of and quality of cakes that http://flashduck.blogspot.com/ brought, and they were very welcome.

How does she fit into a day, everything she does. ??

I was very thankful. :-))

Until Next Time

February 06, 2006

Burnie St Underpass

BBQ Stakes has been Undermined by works which have been started on the Burnie St Underpass precincts.

Today, I gave this area an inspection, and the western side of the underpass has been barriered off. Pedestrian traffic is diverted down a side street.

As usual, there were two trucks, one excavator, and a few "workers" standing around talking to each other. They had actually uprooted parts of the western footpath, and were probably talking about what to do next.

So, the BBQ Stakes this week will most likely be an out-and-back course to the 3km mark, and return.

Note that the 3km mark is located by a yellow ribbon around the small tree just past the electricity joint box. There is also a yellow ribbon around a small rock, which rock, looks like it could be easily moved to the centre of the path to turn around. So use the tree as the turning point, and turn around the rock Clockwise on normal days, and anti-clockwise on "Reverse Run" days.

The tradition of the first Wednesday of the month being run in reverse, will continue, but with the same out-and-back course as the weekly run, until the "Burnie St Underpass" works are complete.

Until Next Time.
(After Wednesday.)

February 03, 2006

Tagged Again

What I was doing 10 Years Ago
That would be in February 1996
Well I was working then, and contributing Webwatch to Cool Running Website.
Was one year into the internet having first joined up in 1995.
Ran the Cotter 15 regularly, and did the ACTCCC Half Marathon.
Finished my 20th Canberra Times Fun Run 10k in 49:10.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
A handful of Dates
A handful of Almonds, although the tiny bits stay in the mouth for a long time
Microwave cooked Oatmeal, Uncle Toby's Varieties
Atlantic Salmon
Bread Loaf Crusts - the end bits

Five Songs I know
First Verse of Advance Australia Fair
No Matter What
Comrades of Mine - from Primary School Days
Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. (At the time I was looking for a song for the Scout Troop when on a Camping weekend.)
Simply The Best by Tina Turner. (Adopted by the Rugby League as their signature song.)

Five Things I'd Do As A Millionare
Travel. (We intended to travel in 2006 anyway.)
Invest in a home for our two daughters. (And I don't mean a retirement Home.)
Probably a new car, although the Telstra is still going strong after 20 years , as was the Falcon after 20 years.
Spend a little on personal items.
A new pair of running Shoes, to add to the sixteen or more I already have.
A few shares, although a managed investment fund is probably a lot safer.

Five Things I Like Doing
Running in the bush
Getting things right
Crosswords, Puzzles, Mind provoking Games.
Lunchtime runs around Canberra, Fun Runs, and City to Surf