December 04, 2013

Chris Higgins From john Harding's blog

John Wrote:-
Am feeling rather sad right now.
I just watched Kerry O'Brien's interview with Paul Keating on the ABC.
They recounted the night that Chris Higgins, the Secretary of the Treasury, died out at the AIS track.
Keating described Higgins as one of the most brilliant minds and greatest leaders in Australian history because of the work he did to transform the Australian economy in the Hawke/Keating government.
So it was a huge shock to Keating when Chris died after running a 400 and a 3000 on a hot night out at the track.
One hour before he passed away he had been raking the sandpit and I had been joking with him about a running story.
I went home and an hour later Geoff Moore rang and told me Chris was dead. I was stunned.


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