December 03, 2013

BBQ Stakes 4th December 2013

BBQ Stakes 4th December 2013

Timekeeper was Florian Benz the winner on 27th November, second was Rad Leovic last week and third was Francine Austin.

Matthew Murphy has now retired so is now a member of that team. Rad Leovic had a net time of 48:37 today, and Heather Powrie returned today, and looked like she suffered in the heat. We were told Adrian's mother in law recently passed away, that's why he missed the stakes today.

Geoff Hawke was today's winner in 50:06 across the line  Jen Bright and Matthew Murphy were in the team for the Others, which won the teams event.

Next Week is the annual relay event, announcements and annual awards will be made.

There is only one event that day, teams of two in a relay, closest to 50 minutes will win.

The relay will start at about 5:30 pm, followed by a BBQ and prizes awarded for the year.


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