October 25, 2013

BBQ Stakes 24th October 2013

23rd October 2013

Kerrie Tanner Posted:-  "A smaller field than normal maybe due to the wind,  only 44 finishers. Winner was Doug Wilson having his second win in a month followed by Geoff Hawke and Alex Kachalkov."

John Busteed borrowed a printer clock from the Vets Club, so timing went well with Roger Palazzo at the helm, and Kerrie Tanner took and posted lots of photos of today's finish.

Adrian Plunkett is getting the BBQ Stakes printer clock battery replaced.

Doug Fry has received back from Seiko, the back up printer clock so all should be well with the timing for another few years.

Results courtesy Kerrie Tanner and Gary Bowen -- Bob Harlow 42:04, Kerrie Tanner 42:05, Andrew Guild 41:08, Andrew Blyton 39:09, Florian Benz 30:00, Lloyd Edwards 32:13, Douglas Wilson 31:48, Erin Borger 37:09, Geoff Hawke 25:30, Alex Kachalkov 32:34, Yili Wang 29:35, Hamish Armstrong 24:50, Peter Thomson 27:12, Jennifer Bright 25:47, Matthew Murphy 23:37, Chris Pearson 37:39, Gary Bowen 29:12, Steven Murphy 27:02, Abel Miles 27:42, Leonie Doyle 32:30, Raymond Chao 29:58, Richard Juckes 24:59, Rita Raizis 41:36, Peter Foster 32:54, Judy Kuleas 49:54, John Barrett 30:33, Steve McDonald 32:52, Tony Wynd 30:24, Laura Toyne 30:25, Heather Powrie 35;02, Kevin Chapman 38:38, Ben Reay 52:39, Roger Pilkington 38:25, Terry Levings 34:59, Andrew Matthews 31:47, Tim Wright 54:07, Rodd Rundle 31:19, Paul Y Smith 39:31, Singh Talwar 33:29, John Scheding 38:49, Bruce Wight 30:25, Gavin Chandra 41:08, Marc Wilson 59:59, early start, John Busteed 59:59, early start.

Fastest Female, Jennifer Bright 25:47, Fastest Male, Richard Juckes 24:59.


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