August 01, 2013

BBQ Stakes 31 st July 2013

31 st July 2013.

There was a bit of confusion at the start of today's run. The race started with no clock or handicap sheets. But it all ended well after Andrew Blyton made a mercy dash to find the gear. Laura Toyne came home first, with Judy Kuleas second and Dwayne Currie was third.

Rodd Rundle now leads the 2013  points score with Bruce Wight a close second.

Rodd was today's timekeeper and probably has won twice this year.

Rad Leovic is now 12 years since his P.B.
Hugh Moore is now 19 years since his P.B.

It was stated that Bob Harlow has a heart condition, no further information was provided.

Bob is a prolific marathon and long distance runner, a triathlete and a determined cyclist.


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