July 24, 2013

BBQ Stakes 24th July 2013

Winners today were Rodd Rundle First, Roger Pilkington Second, Judy Kuleas Third, David Forsyth Fourth, Alison Haile Fifth.

Gabrielle Wright is fast approaching 400 runs, this could happen next week.

She was the first female to reach 100 stakes.

I think their were 63 running today.

Laura Toyne again running to improve her handicap.

Julie Quinn and Paul Smith were possibly fastest today, I think they were fastest last week.

Adrian Plunkett has a new milestone of 900 events as Treasurer.

Possibly 63 competed today, although Jim White and John Busteed finished after all the announcements had been made.

Lloyd Donnelly is still finishing towards the back of the pack, have to find out why!


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