July 17, 2013

BBQ Stakes 17th July 2013

Daniel Buckley had a huge smile on his face today as he finished his 200 th run in the BBQ Stakes.

Richard Juckes came in second with Stephen Murphy third.

Daniel's  over the line time was 49:57, well done Daniel, and we were told he had a run at Lake Tuggeranong the previous day, with a field of 18 runners, probably drawn by Daniel's Charisma.

Lloyd Edwards ran the stakes today, and his wounds received at the Lakes Stakes event a few weeks previously, are healing well. He was not very fast today.

A visitor to the run today was Peter Foster who  manages the Lakes Stakes.

Rad Leovic was 47 th finisher today, in a net time of 47:04, still nursing his partner at home.

Rad still managing to attend the Customs Joggers last week, and the BBQ Stakes today.  It may be the end of the month before they get to see the specialist for an up to date consultation.  And Rad's partner still wears a moon boot to help her healing bones.

Terry Levings'win last week was his 33 rd and some 13 months since his previous win.

Gary Bowen ran 30:40 today, on his second time around the course.

Laura Toyne has her child in child care from today, and can now work on reducing her handicap.

She has been accompanied by her pet dog and  child in a pram for the last several weeks. Maria Donohue also said she is getting fitter, but will work on improving.
Jim White was 45:09 today, not limping as much as last week.

It was Learnt that Maria White, totalled her car recently.

Results courtesy of Andrew Blyton and Terry Dixon:-
Kerrie Vaughan 34:21, Kahan Vaughan 34:33, Elijah Glass 33:47, Anthony Foster 33:51, Dan Smith 33:52, Laura Toyne 30:12, Jin White 30:18, Joanne Nathan 35:27, Felix Whitev 25L27mm John Paniagua 25:27, Peter Clatke 26:34, Dale Beswick 26:54, Robert Ey 26:54, Scott Marshall 32:12, Daniel Buckley 39:12, Mark Murphy 31:09, Richardv Juckes 23:15, Yili Wang 29:42, Vanessa Courtot 30:28, Dwayne Currie 28:03, Steven Murphy 27:23, Andrew Blyton 23:26, Terry Dixon 30:57, Paul Baumgarten 30:46, Peter Foster 30:46, David Forsyth 35:10, Paul Smith 29:48, Jenny Trudinger 26:24, Julie Quinn 26:24, Elizabeth Gonsalves 32:41, Singh Talwar 31:36, Kevin Chapman 38:30, Caroline Campbell 38:30, Heather Powrie 33:18, Simon Tuan 27:03, Douglas Wilson 34:05, Axel Godeck 38:22, Rodd Rundle 29:40, Maria Donohoe 29:40, Craig Wurtz 28:42, Ramsey Jamal 31:01, Julia Brown 30:53, Geoff King 29:34, Tony Wynd 29:34, Rad Leovic 45:19, Lloyd Edwards 32:06, Roger Pilkington 39:29, Gary Bowen 29:28, Fern Makenham 45:06, Lindsey Cuthbert son 45:06, Richard Heugil  38:44, Roger Palazzo 41:14, Marc Wilson 59:59, early start, John Busteed 59:59, early start. 


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