July 04, 2013

BBQ Stakes 4th July 2013

Quite cold today for the 55 starters. Dolph Page took it out in 49:32. Rumour has it that he slowed significantly in the last kilometre. Jen Bright was second and Francine Austin third. Health won the teams event again with Dolph Page, Richard Juckes and Elizabeth Gonsalves.

Yili Wang was the first runner in 50 minutes. It was teams event today, with the sun breaking the gloom around midday. John Busteed completed his 900 th event, his P.B. was 21:42 on 21st April 1982, with 33 wins, and he has  had a stint as the handicapper for several years.

The following results supplied in a spreadsheet thanks to Terry Dixon:-

Paul Baumgarten 27:30, Jim White 45:23, Reagan O'Nrill 36:19, Laura Toyne 36:19, with Pet Dog and Baby in stroller, Roger Pilkington 36:33, Dilph Page 34:02, see first paragraph above, Jennifer Beight 25:52, had taken Roxie for a run early in the morning, Judy Kuleas 49:37, Julia Brown 34:53, Francine Austin 34:06, Douglas Wilson 34:06, Evan Bowen 30:40, Andrew Blyton 22:56, fastest Male, Richard Juckes 23:12, Elizabeth Gonsalves 32:28, Jarrad Moffatt 29:59, Terry Levings 32:29, ran his 1000 th stakes recently, Yili Wang 30:01, Angela Chapman 31:50,   Singh Talwar 30:26, John Busteed 50:13, Alison Hale 35:04, Terry Dixon 31:50, Kevin Chapman 36:20, Vanessa Courtot 30:51, Dale Beswick 34:22, Steven Mirphy 27:09, Paul Smith 22:10, Daniel Buckley 39:41, Michael Barrett 26:28, John's Son, Robert Ey 27:59, Andrew Matthews 28:00, Julie Quinn 25:46, fastest female, Bruce Wight 25:47, Danny Hansen 27:18, rode his bike to the event, Rhonda Gilbert 40:04, Steve McDonald 31:11, Gary Bowen 28:03, Phil Toomey 41:13, wearing new shoes from the runners' shop, Roger Palazzo 32:39, Izabelle Golkowski 38:46, Axek Godeck 37:52, Hamish Armstrong 24:52, Geoff King 30:42, Tony Wynd 28:59, Heather Powrie 33:49, Raymond Chao 28:52, Andrew Walker 30:31, John Barrett 28:05, Maria Donohue 30:12, Stephen Wells 27:31, Rad Leovic 46:04, recently returned from overseas, Ben Reay 46:39, Adrian Plunkett 59:59, early start,  Marc Wilson 59:59, early start.

16 Health runners 16, IP Australia runners 12.

Fastest Female Julie Quinn 25:46, Fastest Male Andrew Blyton 22:56.


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