June 08, 2013

BBQ Stakes 5th June 2013

Some interesting statistics from this week's run. The first 25 finishers all ran under 50:00. There were 15 personal bests and 12 recent personal bests. That would have to be a record. BTW on a recount, we actually had 70 finishers. Roxie was inadvertently omitted from the finisher's sheet and it would appear that she also had a PB.

The above from The BBQ Stakes facebook page.

Brian Crowe was absent from this week's run, so recording was done by others such as John Busteed.

Terry Levings is closing in on his 1000 th run.  Is he aiming for a win on the day ? Come and find out.

It was the 100 th run for Leanne Wilkes, who now also is a regular at Customs
 Joggers on Fridays.

The team from Health took out the monthly teams event.

The winner today was Phil Toomey, 10th placed actual, who has a P.B. of 33:39 from as far back as 2004.  He has 122 Runs and 4 wins.  Gary Bowen was second placed and third place was Alcina Dias.

Heather Powrie has been in Perth, for the birth of her grandchild, and ran as much as she could, while there. 

Results courtesy of Terry Dixon and Andrew Blyton.

Chris Simpson 27:53, Andrew Phillips 37:32, Lloyd Edwards 30:47, Laura Toyne 30:22, together with baby in a pram, and family pet dog, Francine Austin 37:28, Georgina Kaponen 37:28, Jarrad Moffit 31:19, Michael Te Velde 26:50, Ewen Bowen 28:35, Phil Toomey 42:48, Winner, Gary Bowen 28:06, Alcina Dias 28:10, Singh Talwar 30:42, Richard Juckes 23:14, Jennifer Bright 26:15, Roxie Tanner 27:15, Yili Wang 30:01, Geoff King 30:16, Robert Ey 27:32, Simon Tuan 25:35, Steve Smith 30:21, Daniel Buckley 39:24, Andrew Blyton 23:10, Steve McDonald 30:27, Raymond Chao 28:28, Galvin Koh 34:32, Dolph Page 34:33, Abel Miles 26:23, Alison Hale 35:30, Leonie Doyle 30:56, Terry Dixon 31:46, John Barrett 28:19, Steven Murphy 27:23, Jenny Trudinger 28:54, Leanne Wilkes 31:27, Matthew Murphy 22:43 Fastest Male , Angela Jones 31:18, Izabelle Golkoeski 28:04, Paul Smith 22:20, Julie Quinn 25:50, Fastest Female, Bruce Wight 25:51, Jim White 24:29, Axel Godeck 37:02, Rodd Rundle 31:20, Craig Wurtz 27:53, Dwayne Currie 28:18, Roger Palazzo 34:05, Caroline Campbell 38:09, Simon Heinicke 28:31, Emily Martin 31:09, Heather Powrie 34:05, John Scheding 36:54, Hamish Armstrong 24:55, Rad Leovic 45:00, Tony Wynd 28:47, Andrew Matthews 29:18, Hugh Moore 20:45, Stephrn Wells 27:36, Helen Larmour 28:04, Lloyd Donnelly 35:42, Terry Levings 35:58, Roger Pilkington 47:23, Anna Weissel 30:19, Jennifer Arthur 30:20, Ben Reay 37:38, Kevin Chapman 36:25, Doug Fry 59:59, early start, Marc Wilson 59:59, early start, John Busteed 59:59, early start, Judy Kuleas 59:59, early start.


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