May 22, 2013

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 22 nd May 2013

Winner today was John Scheding.

Second was Talwar Singh and Third Kerrie Tanner, closely followed by Roxie Tanner in fourth place, Roxie came back covered in an unmentionable state, after rolling in some offensive matter on the course, needs a good wash now to clean her up.

Helen Larmour started late and still finished while people were around the finish area.

58 finishers today. Gary Bowen again ran the course twice respectively in 29:19, and 28:53.

John Barrett was given his 800 run T-Shirt.

Nick Blackaby's Stroke was mentioned, and it seems like he is recovering slowly, but there is still a long recovery to be made.

Visitors to Nick, should check with Narelle before seeing him.

Finishers were as follows:--
Yili Wang, Gary Bowen, Laura Toyne, Michael Murray, Gabrielle Wright, Andrew Guild, Ben Reay, Matt Henkel, Phil Toomey, Jarrad Moffit, Kathleen Bleakley, Francine Austin, John Scheding, Dwayne Currie, Simon Heinicke, Ian Hore, Takwar Singh, Kerrie Tanner, Roxie Tanner, Raymond Chao, Alex Kachalkov, Simon Tuam. Dolph Page, Hugh Moore, Danny Hansen, Jennifer Bright, John Barrett, Jenny Trudinger, Terry Dixon, Ramsey Jamal, Craig Wurtz, Matthew Murphy, Geoff King, Daniel Buckley, Hamish Armstrong, Andrew Phillips, Bruce Wight, Steven Murphy, Tony Wynd, Leonie Doyle, Leanne Wilkes, Rodd Rundle, Abel Miles, Roger Palazzo, Rhonda Gilbert, Axel Godeck, Andrew Matthews, Paul Baumgarten, Bob Harlow, Caroline Campbell, Roger Pilkington, Helen Larmour, Marc Wilson, Adrian Plunkett, John Busteed, Judy Kuleas, Doug Fry.

And Kerrie Tanner writes:--

Great conditions today no wind not hot no excuses...worthy winner was John Scheding so you are timekeeping next week then came Singh Talwar and I (Kerrie) was third with Roxie close in fourth place


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