May 14, 2013

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 14 th May 2013. Lloyd's 800 th run

Lloyd Edwards completed his 800 th run in the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes today in front of a field of 13 runners in today's cool and windy run.

Those who ran today were Peter Foster, the current organiser, and Rad Leovic, Daniel Buckley,  Peter Foster, Agir Micev, Gary Morris, Lloyd Edwards, Andrew Riley, Tim Craig, Gary Morris, Andrew Riley. Yili Zhu, and Tim Craig.

As well as the win, Lloyd was awarded the runners shop voucher for first place, an 800 run T-Shirt, and an 800 run Mug.

Lloyd has a P.B. on this course of 21:16, so he is a quick runner, as well as participating in the BBQ Stakes, and Customs Joggers run.

Tim Craig has 266 runs, Peter Foster has 155 runs, and  Daniel Buckley has 141 runs as well as regularly  competing in the BBQ Stakes.


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