May 02, 2013

BBQ Stakes 1 st May 2013

A good field of 63 today, saw the teams trophy taken out by "The Others".

The Teams trophy day, when the course was run in reverse. Reasonably mild temperature and a dry course saw a good effort by many.

The individual winner today was Maria Donohue at 49:46 across the line, she has been in good form and has been finishing close to the front of the field for the past several weeks.
She has a P.B. of 29:33 in March this year.

Gordon Calcino was second, near the front of the field yet again, and Stephen Wells was third.

John Barrett, did not run today, but has 98 runs to his credit, .Carolyne Kramar ran a recent P.B. last week,  and Caroline Campbell has a year since her last win.

A person well known in Canberra Athletics, Brian Gleeson was seen having a lunchtime run, said hello, and indicated he may join the Stakes event, he looked very fit.

Missing today was Roger Pilkington, he is one of the very regular participants notable by his absence.

An event in Albury this weekend, the Nail Can Hill Run, will attract some BBQ Stakes runners, namely Rad Leovic, who explained the run to Jen who showed an interest for next year.

Gary Bowen ran the course twice today, firstly in 29:58, the second time in 32:27.

During his run, he came across Nick Walshe who is from the runners Shop that provides prizes and vouchers for this event.  Nick was a little faster than Gary, but they said hello to each other. 


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