July 11, 2013

A clean start

Harvey Norman delivered and installed our new washing machine today.

Just as well the weather is fine, because I'm not sure how to dry the wash in the machine.  The sun is out however, so by tomorrow evening we should have caught up with our washing backlog.

It was a bit frustrating, having to wait for over two weeks, nearly three weeks, because when we went out to Harvey Norman, they had several rows of washing machines on the floor.
Surprisingly there were a huge number of people in the Fyshwick store even on a Friday morning around 9 am to 10 am.

In fact, they were rearranging the display. Anyway we only have to fill in the guarantee, send it away,
and have several years of trouble free service from our new machine.

The ones we saw on the Harvey Norman floor covered a huge range, a bigger range than David Jones in Woden.

Have done a couple of washes now, and everything has gone well, so we will have a clean start in the next couple of days, still a couple of washes to carry out before the rain comes again, it is forecast for the weekend, hopefully only light showers.

The previous machine we had was an Ariston, of which Harvey Norman had several models, the drive bely came off twice during its ten years with us, and now the powerboard had burned itself out, so for that ten years, to only have two or three service calls, would seem like an impressive performance.

So we look forward to at least ten years with the new machine, at least, without any problems.


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