January 02, 2013

South Canberra Tuggeranong Turkey Run 22 nd December 2012

SCT's Annual 'Turkey Run' was held on Saturday 22 December 2012 at Fadden Pines. This is a run where entrants estimate their finishing time and run without a watch. Places are awarded to the closest correct 'guesses'. A slightly different course is used each year. The course for 2012 was designed by Jim White and the SCT measuring wheel revealed a distance of 3.988 kilometres (12 metres short of 4k). This year we had 44 runners complete the course on a warm sunny morning.
If numbers continue to increase we'll have to implement computer generated results as Mike's mental arithmetic was put to the test! Places were very close with the first three between 3.57 and 3.63 seconds away from their estimated times! Jim suggested that SCT organises a second similar run for mid-2013. Stay tuned!

The winner was Simon Hosking ($200 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time Difference 3.57 seconds.
Second was Peter Thomson ($150 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time difference 3.60 seconds.
Third was Jane Livingstone ($100 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time difference 3.63 seconds.
Olivia Zeller's name was drawn from six people who were close to a mystery percentage time. She was presented with a frozen turkey from Alf's Butchery - perfect for Christmas dinner!


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