December 19, 2012

Recently opened Coffee Shop at Duffy

Posted on Coffee and Chat of PC Users Group.


If anyone would like to have a light meal or drink/buy some good coffee, they could treat themselves at a recently-opened shop at Duffy (where the computer shop used be).

The shop attracts a steady clientele, and they have indoor and outdoor tables; a printed menu offers light snacks as well as a variety of coffee, fresh brewed to order.

An extensive parking area is available, and a local supermarket provides a good shopping experience.

Milk and Bread are staples sold, fresh vegetables are also stocked

They also act as the local post office


And a follow up comment :-

Having moved from Duffy to Dungog I am somewhat peeved that Duffy has a decent coffee shop. Given that almost the entire population of Weston Creek are now retired its about time they had some appropriate activities at our shops!!!!!



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