November 28, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 28 th November 2012

Geoff Hawke to the rescue.

Alison Haile won last weeks stakes and was due to be the timekeeper today, in the last hour or so before the run, she asked Geoff Hawke to fill in for her in the timekeeping dapartment.

Adrian Plunkett was a notable absentee, in attending  golf at royal Sydney Golf Club.

So Kerrie Tanner was left in charge of today's proceedings, ably assisted by Julie Quinn in doing the runner recording at the finish.

Two or more new starters today, Tania from Russia here for a few weeks holiday, and Matt Deow, from Matthew Murphy's workplace.

Word of mouth brings a lot of new runners.

Fast runners last week were Peter Bourke in 25:35, and Alison Haile in 35:46.  Julie Quinn was last week fastest female in 26:35, and florien Benz was fastest male in 26:37.

Pointscore leader is on 1529, second is Julie on 1360,  and third is on 1357, I think that's George.

Today's placegetters were Michael de Velde, first, Matt Plestow  second and John Scheding placed third.

Next week is the trophy run for the teams, and in December the Christmas Relay and Annual awards are scheduled.


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