November 21, 2012

BBQ Stakes 21 st November 2012

Today's winner was Alison Haile, second last week I think or high in the placings.

Alison has 173 runs with 6 wins and a P.B. of 30:09.

 Michael De Velde was second and I didn't hear who was third as Kerrie was admonishing the returning Bob Harlow, as she was making the annoncements.

Garry Bowen came in at the end, 56 th,  of the field, due to not being able to get a drink of water, on the sidelines during the run. Helen Larmour started late and finished 62nd, while Gabrielle Wtright finished 63 rd.

Roger Pilkington was 60 th, left behind by Robert Ey, they usually finish together.

John Barrett was fastest male last week at 28:20, and Julie Quinn fastest female in 26:39.

Being the end of the year, several regulars are changing departments, and they were given a heartfelt send off.

Christmas relays are to be held on Wednesday 12 th December, second wednesday, I think cost is $2 this year.  Start chatting to your team mate to work out your strategy and your team start times.

Two per team, closest to 40 minutes are the winners to hold the Golden Shoes trophy for 12 months.

Relay referee is Terry Levings who thought this concept through and has been a regular result worker out since its inception.

Sir Terrence of Levings, as he is known elsewhere.

Tim Wright, who has been helping with recording the past few weeks, is doing well with his pacemaker, and went for a long walk recently.

After many years helping out and participating, Tim and Gabrielle no longer go to the Monthly Jogalong.


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