November 07, 2012

BBQ Stakes 7 th November 2012

Only a sparse group of 35 competed today, including Axel Godeck, after the wheels had fallen off his aspirations.

His comeback however lasted several weeks where he had done better, and had him fired up to do even  better.

The winning team today was IP Australia, after my comment last week that IP Australia could be in for a win for the teams.

Simon Heinecke did a "Victor Hessel" like finish, where he jogged to the finish line and on the finish line for many seconds, before recording his finish time across the line.  He has 65 runs with a P.B. of 21:37.  Second was Aloson Haile in 40:05, with Ben Rheay third in 40:15.

I think his strategy helped IP to record a team win today.

While a triple triathlon over last weekend, kept some away to recover, others were fiercely competitive; one runner lost concentration and headed off in the wrong direction before being recalled, he finished well back in the field after thinking he had a winning chance today.

Note that the Christmas Relays for the BBQ Stakes will be held on Wednesday 12 th December commencing at 5:30 pm.  With presentations and annual awards to be  held after the relays, where each team of two tries to finish closest to 40 minutes for the course.  This is an occasion not to be missed.

Will Julie Quinn be the first female to win the yearly pointscore ??


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