November 14, 2012

BBQ Stakes 14 th November 2012

Now is the time to start getting your team and team strategy worked out for the Annual Christmas Relays, and presentations in December.

There will be no ordinary run that day, the relays commence at 5:30 pm in the usual start area.

Teams of two estimate each member to a start time, which will result in the team finishing closest to 40 minutes overall.

The trophy is a pair of Golden Shoes the winning team will keep for one year.

Friendly rivalry results in a great event which has been staged for a number of years now, under the watchful, guiding,  eye of Terry Levings.  "Sir Terence of Levings"  as he is known in other circles of Canberra Running, and an  accredited AA  course measurer.

Today's winner was John Barrett, crossing the line at 40:05, although Jeff King beat him to the line.  I think John had a win recently, so he is striking good form at the business end of the season.

John has 782 runs his 22 nd win with a P.B. of 23:33.

Julie Quinn was fastest last week at 20:47.  Daniel Buckley wore an Germany Track and Field emblazoned T-Shirt.

Robert Ey and Paul Baungarten were awarded their 100 run T-Shirts, 

Lloyd Donnelly, ran today after having missed many runs through being overseas and working on Weddnesdays. He now hopes to have a continual run at the stakes.

Simon Heineken, last week's winner mow has a handicap of 12:45, and has joined a cycling group, and is thinking of setting himself for a half marathon running race, so is intent on putting in some suitable training. I think his run time last week was 29:18.


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