December 13, 2012

BBQ Stakes 13 December 2012 Christmas Relay

On this occasion, a field of 24 relay teams started assembling from 5:00 pm, for the 5:30 pm start to this imaginative Christmas relay event, devised by Terry Levings. 

As well as others, Judy Kuleas took on the role of Masterchef for the Sausage cooking and did a master chef job in keeping all fed and happy after the relay event had finished.

There were also vegetarian mince patties for those inclined.

And one of the vegetarian regular runners brought their own eats, to be on the safe side. 

She has been wearing a running skort for the last few weeks, and sometimes rides her bike to the event.

Bob Harlow and Alex were awarded a barrel draw prize, for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was a  special award?

First across the line in the relay were Simon Heinicken and Geoff King at 39:51. second over the line were Daniel Buckley and Lloyd Edwards, while Rad Leovic and Roger Pilkington, the eventual relay winners, 14th across the line.   For a photo of them holding the winning trophy, refer below from Kerrie Tanner's facebook page.

The pointscore for the year 2012 was won by Richard Jukes, second was Matthew Murphy, and third was Julie Quinn.

Matthew Murphy was consistent his fastest 22:44, and slowest at 34:22.

800th T-shirt was presented to Ian Hore, while 100th run T-Shirt was presented to Richard Jukes.

Richard's P.B. stands at 23:19.

Ian Hore's P.B. is 23:52 achieved on 29 May 1991.  He now runs the Lake Ginninderra Handicap, as well as the BBQ Stakes, when he can get there..

Mentioned for their contributions to the good running of this event during the year were, Kerrie Tanner, Terry Dixon, Brian Crowe, Doug Fry, Adrian Plunkett, Garry Bowen, Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop. I'm sure Adrian Plunkett, and Garry Bowen fit into that group as well.


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