January 02, 2013

BBQ Stakes 2nd January 2013

On a day when the temperature topped 32 degrees, the number of runners topped the temperature by one.

Matthew Murphy was almost the last to register for the run, and finished mid-field.

Leonie Doyle was one of the first to register, she brought her children along, and they were minded by her partner, Richard Jukes. Richard is planning to compete in the Bogong to Hotham run shortly, but is unsure whether the weather conditions will be such that the race proceeds,  They will spend a couple of days travelling and returen after a night's rest if the run happens.

Bob Harlow, an Arboretum runner,   may have been first eligible today, if he had a Yes besides eligibility.

Alex was timekeeper today, and redeeemed himself at his second task of timekeeping.  Judi was first back, but was not timed, so that messed up some of the recording.

Carolyne Kramar ran today,  after completing the Mt Ainslie run-up yesterday. Kerrie Tanner was first eligible today, saying something like she runs well at the start of the year. Kerrie has 348 runs, and 9 wins I suspect her running well, may have something to do with the runs she did at the arboretum, and the tour de ridges recently.

Sam Wright, Kerrie's daughter, also ran today, and finished rather distressed, even though she had a water bottle, and took some water recovery afterwards.

Jen Bright, also an Arboretum runner,  was second, Bruce Wight was third,  Matthew Murphy was fourth, Andrew Guild, another arboretun runner,  was fifth, Andy Matthews was sixth, and the winning team today was IP Australia.

Although Peter Burke, who alo runs the Customs Joggers, and Mt Ainslie,  finished high up, he was not eligible, so was not the winner today.

It was an out and back run today, like the run held in the latter parts of 2012.  This needed explaining to everybody, before they started, It has only been held once before.


Blogger Carolyne said...

Hi Doug ~ I'm not sure what happend with the timekeeping, but I'm sure that I didn't do more than 46.45, according to my various time and mapping tools!

A long way to go, but I'll take anything I can at the moment!

Thanks for the heads-up about the cafe at the Duffy Shops, it's great to hear about the rejuvenation of the local shopping centres. I must give it a go.

6:54 pm, January 02, 2013  

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