July 29, 2010

ACT Cross Country Club Advice

Federal Court Judgment 23 July 2010

We reported in a recent letter to members that the dispute between Cundy Sports Marketing (CSM) and the Club had involved the Club making an offer to CSM in February to settle out of Court. Whilst CSM accepted the offer unconditionally on 1 March they then walked away from that offer on 15 March. As a consequence we took action against CSM for breach of contract. The hearing of the case of repudiation of the agreement was heard on 2 July in Sydney with the judgment was announced by Justice Perram on 23 July.

Unfortunately Justice Perram found in favor of CSM and awarded costs against us. The basis for Justice Perram’s decision was that on the day of settlement the Club had a responsibility to ensure that CSM received the benefit of the settlement and to ensure that this happened the Club had an obligation to advise the ACT Government in writing that the matter was settled.

While we had informed the ACT Government that an offer had been made and accepted we were not able to say that the Court action had been withdrawn from the Court until both parties signed appropriate documents and submitted them to the Court. The ACT Government had made it clear in correspondence to both parties and in a media release by the Chief Minister that road closure approvals would not be given until the dispute was settled and no longer before the Court. Hence advice to the ACT Government in writing indicating that the dispute had been settled would have been useless unless it was accompanied by proof that the matter was no longer before the Court.

CSM’s lawyers have been asked to assess the costs. We can only guess at this stage what that might be but it may be as much as $60,000 to $80,000. Clearly the Club is unable to pay costs of this order as members would know from our recent letter to you. It is possible that CSM may choose to waive costs. If they don’t then it’s also possible that they may choose to appoint a liquidator thus forcing the Club to wind up. We have today written to CSM’s lawyers seeking advice on these matters.

The other more substantive Court case (i.e. CSM’s action against the Club under the Trade Practices Act) is still continuing in the Federal Court. The Club is clearly not in a position to continue with this matter if it can’t pay costs on the above matter. One of the implications is that CSM may acquire by default the intellectual property relating to the Canberra Marathon. This means that the Club will no longer have any association or involvement with an event called the Canberra Marathon.

The Committee is currently examining the full implication of the Court judgment & will be taking steps to ensure that the Canberra running community receives the same level of activities as has been provided by the Club for almost 50 years. In terms of marathons we are planning a running festival in 2011 which will again incorporate a marathon on the same course as used this year. We will keep members advised of further developments.

ACTCCC Committee

July 28, 2010

BBQ Stakes 28th July 2010

55 runners today, with Steve Smith filling the organiser's spot.

Ian Hore, following his recent appendix operation, volunteered for the role of time keeping.

Brian Crowe recorded finishers.

Heather Powrie was first eligible today in 39:56 her first win, so she will be doing time keeping duties next week, with fifth place over the line, Second placed Peter Marlton was on 40:16, third placed Matthew Murphy crossed the line at 40:18, and I believe ran a personal best time on his 458 th run.

Greg Webster turned up for a run today, one of the BBQ Stakes fastest runners of past days and the cross country club junior running best of past years, and started with Julie Quinn.

July 27, 2010

Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival

Bush Capital , Bush Marathon Festival , Information supplied by John Harding.
Campbell High School, Canberra, Treloar Cres, Campbell, near Limestone Ave junction
SATURDAY 31 July 2010
7.30am Early bird start for slow runners in 60km ultra and 42km marathon
8.30am Bush marathon; marathon relay; 60km ultra; 25km bush walk
9.00am 25km bush run
9.30am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk
12.00pm 5km run and walk
12.40pm Under 13 years 2km children’s run
1.00pm 10km run and walk

The number of entrants is now over 400, with almost 150 in the 16k, almost 100 in the 25k and a total of 70 in the marathon and ultra. The event website is http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/events/bmarathon

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 27th July 2010

A good clear relatively warmer Canberra Day saw numerous runners congregating for this Handicap event today. Number 323.

Starters included Jim Roberts, Rad Leovic, Mark Juddery ( a Canberra times Columnist with a new pair of running shoes) Rob Walters (the backmarker) and Simon Wall amongst others all sent off by Andrew Sutcliffe and Mike Aylott.

Doug Fry helped with the finishing place cards, and the barrel draws.

Refer this Link for the results and other information about this monthly handicap.


Much was said about the recent court case reported in The Canberra Times about the legal dispute betweeen the ACTCCC and CSM. This involves the Canberra Marathon and relevant Court Action. Claire was a clear winner today, with others picking up barrel draw prizes, including bottles of wine. One lucky winner, who was drawn for a bottle of wine said he would keep it as a present for a wine drinker friend, at an appropriate time.

One of the social clubs, has donated barrel draw prizes previously, and The Lighthouse Bar is also a barrel draw prize donor.

July 21, 2010

BBQ Stakes 21 st July 2010

It was learned today that Ian Hore was not feeling well when he recently paid a visit to the doctor. He was immediately sent to hospital to have his appendix removed.

Thus he missed today's run.

Terry Levings started off early and was first to finish.

58 ran in thee fine cool conditions. Andrew Guild first eligible, Lloyd Donnelly second, and John Hall 3rd on 40:01. John Busteeed was back in the field following a recent PB, and Gary Bowen is somewhere around 24:01, While Kerrie is not below 30 minutes yet.

Helen and Matthew were earlier than usual to arrive, Matthew finishing mid field. Lloyd Edwards ran today after retiring as organiser of the Lakes Stakes, and put in a slower run than usual, since he has not been putting in many training runs.

July 17, 2010

Possum Magic

The possum which used to frequently observe the Customs Joggers as they gatherd for their Friday run in Commonwealth Park near Stage 88, has been forced out of it's home.

The toilet block has been demolished. I am not sure whether it will be replaced as their are facilities near Regatta Point.

We arrived last Friday, to find the toilet block and washing facilities were being demolished, and taken away in a low loader.

The workers, when asked, did not know whether replacement facilities would be built.

However, Friday's run was conducted, with a young 14 year old joining in, and another young boy, accompanying his grand parent and playing near the start area, until the event was over.

Nick Blackaby left early with Geoff Barker, and about 18 ran in the event, with Gordon McGurk being one of the backmarkers.

July 15, 2010

BBQ Stakes 14 July 2010

Winner was Paul Baumgarten. just pipped by regulat Kathleen Bleakley. Hugh Moore conyinues his return to running and improving, being pushed by regular Gary Bowen.
Terry Dixon is now back in action again, while Peter Bilos continues his return to the running scene.
Roger Pilkington competed 10 days after the Gold Coast Marathon.

FinishNumber RunnerName GrossTime StartTime NettTime ,
1 Bleakley Kathleen 39:19 05:45 33:34 ,
2 Baumgarten Paul 40:24 12:45 27:39 ,
3 Hennig Victoria 40:27 11:00 29:27 ,
4 Moore Hugh 40:35 10:00 30:35 ,
5 Bowen Gary 40:38 15:15 25:23 ,
6 Swann James 40:47 14:15 26:32 ,
7 Smyth Nathan 40:52 15:15 25:37 ,
8 Leovic Rad 40:57 00:45 40:12 ,
9 Dixon Terry 40:57 11:45 29:12 ,
10 King Geoff 40:58 12:30 28:28 ,
11 Wilson Marc 41:00 02:15 38:45 ,
12 Dang Binh 41:05 07:00 34:05 ,
13 Chapman Kevin 41:08 05:15 35:53 ,
14 Adams Eddie 41:13 13:30 27:43 ,
15 Bhatia Sandhya 41:14 04:30 36:44 ,
16 Leseberg Darren 41:17 13:00 28:17 ,
17 Brown Des 41:19 16:00 25:19 ,
18 Page Dolph 41:22 09:30 31:52 ,
19 Wight Bruce 41:23 15:30 25:53 ,
20 Gardiner Paul 41:25 10:30 30:55 ,
21 Donnelly Lloyd 41:28 08:00 33:28 ,
22 Godeck Axel 41:30 09:30 32:00 ,
23 O'Halloran Sean 41:30 10:30 31:00 ,
24 Plunkett Adrian 41:31 02:00 39:31 ,
25 Paniagua John 41:35 15:15 26:20 ,
26 Walker Andrew 41:36 10:45 30:51 ,
27 Chao Raymond 41:39 13:15 28:24 ,
28 Farrington Paul 41:45 04:15 37:30 ,
29 McAullay Damien 41:49 16:15 25:34 ,
30 Ward Stewart 41:51 13:30 28:21 ,
31 Matthews Tavishi 42:10 12:45 29:25 ,
32 Carters Melissa 42:24 15:15 27:09 ,
33 Pilkington Roger 42:32 13:00 29:32 ,
34 Talwar Singh 42:34 10:00 32:34 ,
35 White Felix 42:40 17:00 25:40 ,
36 Bilos Peter 42:48 10:15 32:33 ,
37 Barrett John 42:58 12:30 30:28 ,
38 Tanner Kerrie 43:12 12:00 31:12 ,
39 Carloff Robert 43:55 00:00 43:55 ,
40 Busteed John 43:56 00:00 43:56 ,
41 Powell Chris 43:57 02:15 41:42 .

July 11, 2010

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run and Walk

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run and Walk Registration for the fun run training closes on Friday July 16! Sign up today without delay www.canberratimesfunrun.com.au

ACTVAC Cross Country Championships 2010


W35 Gold: Michelle Wells Silver: Kathleen Bleakley

W40 Gold: Katie Forestier

W50 Gold: Kathy Southgate

W55 Gold: Robyn McClelland Silver: Sheryl Greathead

W60 Gold: Penny Becker

W75 Gold: Anne Young

M45 Gold: Peter Thompson

M50 Gold: Geoff Hawke

M55 Gold: Trevor Jacobs Silver: Stephen Bradford

M60 Gold: Robbie Costmeyer Silver: Jim White Bronze: Brian Wenn

M65 Gold: Bernie Millett Silver: Doug Limbrick Bronze: Bryan Thomas

M70 Gold: Peter Trotter

M80 Gold: Rad Leovic

July 07, 2010

BBQ Stakes Report 7th July 2010

Leading in the pointscore for 2010 is Terry Levings, Followed by Raymond Chao, Gary Bowen, Eddie Adams, Geoff King.

The team Trophy run was held today and was taken out by Health.

I was mentioned that today is the anniversary of John Carmody passing away during the running of this event, and is commemorated by the "Honest John Award", presented annually.

Results for today's run courtesy Kerrie Tanner.

Terry Levings rode his bicycle to the event today, Steve and Maree Smith were seen at the run today, Marc Wilson has overcome his injury problems and fully participated in the handicap today. Garry Bowen has participated for 12 months now, and continues to improve his placings.

The winner today, Tony Wynn has 29 runs, with 2 wins to his credit.

First Name Surname Start time Finish Time Team
Steve Smith 4.00 37.34 IPA
Keith Fox 1.00 39.19 IPA
Chris Powell 1.15 39.23 dva
James Swann 12.30 39.41 other
Tony wynn 13.15 40.03 health Winner
Lloyd Donnelly 8.00 40.12 other 2
Raymond Chao 12.45 40.13 IPA 3
Dolph Page 9.30 40.13 health
Des Brown 16.00 40.14 retired
nathan smyth 15.15 40.21 health
Axel Godeck 9.15 40.32 health
Kevin Chapman 5.15 40.33 dva
Andrew Guild 9.30 40.36 IPA
Adrian Plunkett 2.15 40.37 IPA
Hugh Moore 10.00 40.38 retired
Leah Afiabo 10.00 40.38 health
Eddie Adams 13.30 40.39 dva
Matthew Murphy 17.45 40.42 health
Terry Levings 10.00 40.43 RETIRED
Rad leovic 0.45 40.44 retired
Marc Wilson 2.15 40.47 other
John Busteed 0.00 40.51 retired
Paul Gardiner 9.45 40.53 IPA
Ian Hore 9.30 40.54 health
Colin Phillips 5.00 40.56 dva
Singh Talwah 10.00 40.58 health
Gary Bowen 15.30 40.58 other
Leann Wilks 4.00 41.02 other
Sandhya Bhatia 4.45 41.07 IPA
Sean o'hallaron 10.30 41.14
Andrew Blyton 16.45 41.2 ipa
Paul Farrington 4.15 41.24 dva
Binh Dang 7.00 41.26 dva
Geoff King 12.30 41.28 ipa
Darren Lesberg 12.00 41.3 others
John Paniagua 12.30 41.37 health
Stewart Ward 13.30 41.41 health
Melissa Carters 12.30 41.5 health
Patrick Stakelum 10.30 41.52 others
Maree Smith 4.00 41.54 others
John Barrett 12.30 41.58 others
Anne Young 0.00 42 retired
Rodger Braid 12.45 42.03 ipa
Damien Mcauley 16.30 42.1 dva
Kerrie Tanner 12.00 42.13 ipa
Alison Hale 5.30 42.24 dva
Peter Bilos 12.30 42.43 health
Tavishi Mathews 13.00 42.47 others
Kathleen Bleakley 9.30 43.14 others
Emma Carters 12.30 43.43 health
Matthew Fellew 3.00 47.12 ipa
Julie Crncevic 0.00 48.47 others

July 06, 2010

Brain Food

Babar's at Woden has an inside eatery, and an outdoors eatery under cover.

The outdoors eatery is kept warm by use of heaters, which keep that area quite warm. Even on a cold winter day, as Wednesday.

They have a blackboard Menu and the normal, paper menu in a plastic cover which menu is quite extensive.

The specials were an interesting selection, one of which was "brains" I'm not sure what type of brains as none of us were that adventurous, maybe on another occasion. I had their special prawns, which were tastefully done, and served with bread and a salad.

I had preplanned to have Atlantic Salmon, but that was not on the menu. One of the others had fish, another had pizza, the other had a nother type of fish. All dishes were tasty was the consensus, and we may eat there again.

There is not a great number of tables inside, but they seemed to be mostly full. Must make a note to return there again to explore their other menu options.

July 04, 2010

Marty second in Gold Coast Half Marathon 63:21

Courtesy of Scott Imhoff

Fast times at Gold CoastThis weekend saw the annual running the Gold Coast Airport marathon events up in Gold Coast. A few Weston Creek athletes headed north to compete in this annual event, with fast times recorded for the front guys,In glorious conditions, 7865 runners finished the half marathon, with 2010 Commonwealth Games marathon team member and Weston Creek athlete Martin Dent again narrowly missed taking the half marathon title this morning (he was second last year), finishing second in 1:03:21. Dent was only 3 seconds behind winner, and fellow 2010 Commonwealth Games marathon team member, Jeff Hunt, winning in1:03:18. Third went to Japanese runner, Hironori Arai in 1:03:24.Weston Creek athlete (who has improved dramatically over the last few year), James Minto, clocked a two minute personal best time over the half marathon distance, clocking 1:13:53, finishing 46th. ACT athlete Anthony Haber clocked an impressive time of 1:04:35, finishing 9th. Another ACT runner, Peter Zygadlo clocked a good time, finishing 72nd in 1:17:08.In the women’s half marathon race, it was 2010 Commonwealth Games marathon team member, Lisa Weightman running a very fast half marathon time (one of the fastest on Australian soil) winning in 1:09:00 (20th overall). Second went to 2009 world half marathon representative Cassie Fien, who ran 1:11:45. Jessica Trengove finished third in 1:12:48. ACT athlete Jackie Fairweather was 8th female in 1:18:34.In the marathon, it was a Kenyan trifecta with James Kariuki Mbugua winning in a very quick time of 2:13:53. Second went to Peter Kiprotich Cherus in 2:15:46 and Ben Kipruto Chebet third in 2:17:18. ACT athlete Rowan Walker was sixth in 2:20:18.For the females, it was Kaori Yoshida winning in 2:31:33, with Chihara Matsuo second in 2:36:53 and Mayumi Fujita third in 2:39:10. Best place Australia was ACT athlete Sarah McRae coming fourth in the marathon debut, running 2:39:41.In the 10km, it was 2010 Commonwealth Games marathon team member, Michael Shelley, wining in a very fast time of 28:53, ahead of former Olympic marathoner, Lee Troop, who ran 29:47. Third went to Jackson Elliot in 30:17. Former Weston Creek athlete Brad Crocker was fifth in 30:44, and ACT athlete John Cochrane tenth in 31:42.For the women, Lucy Kennedy won in 34:46, ahead of Tamara Carvolth in 35:04 with Michelle French third with 35:13. ACT athlete Andrea Iloakovic was ninth in 36:33.Full results of the various events can be found on the Gold Coast website.(Click on link).I may have missed some ACT athletes results from my initial look, but well down to all.Also well done to those athletes who took part in the ACT cross country championships at Weston Park yesterday. Once results of the Championships have been published, I will send these through.Cheers Scott Imhoff

July 01, 2010

BBQ Stakes 30th June 2010

Results courtesy of Kerrie Tanner

First Name Surname start time finish time
Bill Bennett 15.00 39.31 Winner
Shaun Kelly 2.00 39.39
John Hall 10.15 39.46 2nd
Leanne Wilks 3.15 39.49
Heather Powrie 4.30 40.10 3rd
Dolph Page 9.30 40.13
Geoff Hawke 16.35 40.15
Tony Wynd 13.15 40.16
Andrew Walker 10.45 40.17
John Busteed 0.00 40.20
Geoff Moore 13.30 40.21
Eddie Adams 13.30 40.25
Bruce Wight 14.45 40.28
Kevin Chapman 5.15 40.31
Raymond Chao 12.45 40.33
Axel Godeck 9.15 40.36
Hugh Moore 10.00 40.36
Terry Levings 10.00 40.38
Des Brown 16.00 40.39
Gary Bowen 15.30 40.44
Greg Regester 18.00 40.51
Adrian Plunkett 2.15 40.55
Chris Powell 1.30 41.01
Lloyd Donnelly 8.00 41.04
Geoff King 12.30 41.05
Andrew Guild 9.30 41.17
Rad Leovic 0.45 41.20
Julie Quinn 15.15 41.20
Judy Diamond 9.15 41.40
Sean O'halloran 10.30 41.41
Stewart Ward 13.30 42.05
Kerrie Tanner 12.00 42.15
Damien Mcaullay 16.30 42.25
John Barrett 12.30 42.34
Paul Farrington 4.30 42.44
David Williams 9.15 42.46
Ann Young 0.00 43.06
Patrick Stakelum 10.30 43.13
Alison Hale 6.00 43.20
Mike Kennedy 12.00 43.52
Tavishi Matthews 14.30 45.58
Ian Hore 9.30 46.27
Kathleen Bleakley 15.15 48.51
Jenna Arnold 0.30 52.21
Marc Wilson early start.