July 17, 2010

Possum Magic

The possum which used to frequently observe the Customs Joggers as they gatherd for their Friday run in Commonwealth Park near Stage 88, has been forced out of it's home.

The toilet block has been demolished. I am not sure whether it will be replaced as their are facilities near Regatta Point.

We arrived last Friday, to find the toilet block and washing facilities were being demolished, and taken away in a low loader.

The workers, when asked, did not know whether replacement facilities would be built.

However, Friday's run was conducted, with a young 14 year old joining in, and another young boy, accompanying his grand parent and playing near the start area, until the event was over.

Nick Blackaby left early with Geoff Barker, and about 18 ran in the event, with Gordon McGurk being one of the backmarkers.


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