July 06, 2010

Brain Food

Babar's at Woden has an inside eatery, and an outdoors eatery under cover.

The outdoors eatery is kept warm by use of heaters, which keep that area quite warm. Even on a cold winter day, as Wednesday.

They have a blackboard Menu and the normal, paper menu in a plastic cover which menu is quite extensive.

The specials were an interesting selection, one of which was "brains" I'm not sure what type of brains as none of us were that adventurous, maybe on another occasion. I had their special prawns, which were tastefully done, and served with bread and a salad.

I had preplanned to have Atlantic Salmon, but that was not on the menu. One of the others had fish, another had pizza, the other had a nother type of fish. All dishes were tasty was the consensus, and we may eat there again.

There is not a great number of tables inside, but they seemed to be mostly full. Must make a note to return there again to explore their other menu options.


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