March 18, 2010

100,000 km of recorded running.

Now, who could have posted this to a message board. ???

A kind of “report” from me... I am on target to reach a bit of a milestone this Sunday.

I have been keeping training diaries uninterrupted since 1982 and during the long run this Sunday I will surpass 100,000km of recorded running kms.

As of today I have 47km to go, so baring disaster, the 100,000th km will tick over on Sunday.

I will be running about 20-21km from Stromlo Forrest Park starting at 8am. The more the merrier! And then a celebratory brunch back at my place after.


Will keep you guessing.

Stay tuned.

I still am undecided whether to reveal the person.


Blogger Carolyne said...

Rob Ey? Trevor Jacobs?

10:17 pm, March 18, 2010  
Blogger Friar said...

The person is Auntie Jac,
well known for the ladies trifecta in a memorable marathon, previously head coach of triathlon Australia and a respecred member of ACT Run, also world record holder of the ACT Vets 1 hour run.

3:58 pm, March 21, 2010  
Blogger Colin Bridge said...

Hope the 100,000km run went well and all had a good time

12:42 pm, March 22, 2010  

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