June 01, 2014

Ginninderra Handicap Tuesday 27 th May 2014

Ginninderra Handicap No 369 on Tue 27/05/2014   temp  - 15C
This run was the Phil and Jeff show, not only are they both running really well,
came first and second, they then both won the lucky draw wine from the lighthouse!
 Phil actually started 20 seconds late so he might have got first
 (or would Jeff have lifted even more).
My advice is that if you absolutely want to start on time
do not chat to the time caller at all!
 Michael Taylor fresh from the Canberra Marathon came third.
  It was good to see Rob Walter back after a couple of years and he was clearly
 the fastest runner on the day. There were early fears about a
lowest ever number of runners, however a number of
faster runners showed up to boost the  numbers..


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