May 07, 2014

BBQ Stakes 7 May 2014

7 May 2014 BBQ Stakes

Andrew Matthews was the winner today, over the line at 49:32, and somewhat surprised with his win.
He has 120 runs under his belt and trains with Speedygeoff.

His best is 26:16, ran on 27th August 1992, his previous win was 9th Nov 2011.

Second was Geoff King and Eddie Adams was third.

IP Australia won the teams event, Jen Bright filled in for Bob Harlow with the timekeeping, and will give Bob's Voucher to him early next week.Lloyd Donnelly signed in afterwards and Kathleen Bleakley was last to finish, adding that she is heading to other pastures for her running.

Doug Fry ran early with a time of 70:28, a good run in the cold conditions.

Geoff Hawke ran after his bike stack, a few weeks previously, and the acarring from the crash is clearly evident.


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