May 03, 2014

Memories of The Cotter Run

January 03, 2009

The Cotter Run      

There are some aspects of this run which are now different

The Cotter playground now has a basketball court.

Near where the Village Building company are now building houses, the house frames are up and there are locked gates.The Cotter River has some muddy water.

On 30th December, John and Thayne set out for this run from about 7:00 am.

It took them something like 3 hours 52 minutes including a 14 minute stop at Vanities, which level is not as high as when "TwoFruits" wrote his most recent report on this run.

There were others setting out at about the same time, 4 others running, and some cyclists.

It is and has been John's run on the date of his birthday, for several years now.

Rad and I have run with John the last couple of years, but this year we are both injured, my injuries are well known, whereas Rad still has trouble with his Achilles.

It has been a run which many ACT athletes use when training for The Canberra Marathon.

There are distances of 15, 18 and 21 miles, and many longer runs, depending on the mood of the group on a particular day.

I remember the article written by Peter Kallio, on "How to run The Cotter", it appeared in Vetrunner and The Canberra Runner.
My own results of The Cotter Run are as follows:-
Total runs at The Cotter  =  211
On 4/10/2007 time was 3:12:04.
Best Cotter 15 was 1:59:00 on 26 June 1981
Best Cotter 18 was 2:19:36 on 15/5/1982


Blogger Ewen said...

1:59 is fast for the 15. When I was running there regularly (20 years ago) we'd be running around 2 hours. I'll have to get out there when I'm up to it and try the new course.

7:10 pm, May 24, 2014  

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