March 23, 2014

Getting a haircut in Canberra

When I first started working at IPAustralia back in the late 60's Canberra was a fairly compact community.

When I needed a haircut, it was easy to get in the car and shoot across to Mawson shopping centre for a haircut.

The hairdressing shop for men was run by Kerrie, and he was a good person to chat to while the haircut was happening. He, over the recent few years, was having trouble with his feet. He retired this year and the shop was taken over by some young people (males) and it was good for attracting young men, playing the sort of music, that they liked.

I went into the shop early this year, said hello, and didn't receive any response, so was cheesed off at my non-reception, and there were quite a few young gents in there waiting for haircuts, I imagine just before school was to start again for the year.

After going home and casting my thoughts around several possibilities, I waited for quite a while.  Then my daughter came to visit, she took her son to Just Cuts in Cooleman Court. He had a good haircut and she said there was no need for an appointment, and they did a good job on his hair.

So a few weeks later, I fronted at Just Cuts in Cooleman Court and  was greeted by one of the staff.

She explained their procedures and costs, and since there was no waiting time, I was tended to immediately.  She listened to my requirements, and cut my hair accordingly.

I was satisfied with the task performed, and have been back there for another cut, I will probably retain them as my hairdresser, since Cooleman Court is handy to Duffy where I live.

They have a bonus system as well that on your eighth visit, a free haircut is performed.

I don't think the free haircut bonus will keep me going there, I will go there regularly, because they pay attention to their customers, greet you, and look after your requirements.

So, it looks like I have found my haircut business that I am happy with.

They are in Cooleman Court, just opposite and close to the Chemist shop.


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