February 15, 2014

BBQ Stakes 12 th February 2014

12 th February 2014.

Approx 54 competed /participated today. First was Terry Dixon, Second was Bruce Wight, Third was Jen Bright.

Terry Dixon had his 6 th win, and his 78 th run since his previous win, He has a total of 366 runs, his first run was 22nd September 2004, if I heard correctly.

Jen Bright and Andrew Blyton come up for "milestone" runs shortly , and thus a commemorative T-shirt when that happens. Jen Broght is improving markedly, and may take out the fastest female time of the year at the rate of her improvement, she is not fazed by being under this expectation.

Adrian Plunkett still performs the duties of treasurer, and is now back to running the course again.

John Busteed, after his meltdown a few weeks previously, took it easy in today's cooler conditions.


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