May 24, 2014

BBQ Stakes Additional information.

Marc Wilson is the latest recipient of an 800 event T-Shirt.

His best time was 28:17 from 1994 and has 12 wins to his credit.

Terry Dixon - his mother in law recently passed away.

The story is that Terry is to vacate his post as Handicap processor. 

Andrew Blyton is to fill the vacant position. Andrew has some experience in processing BBQ stakes results.

Recent run, Steven Murphy was the winner at 49:38 he has 123 wins this is his third win,  second ?? crossed the line at 49:54, and Heather Powrie was third across at 49:54.  Leah Afiabo ran a recent PB .

Jen Bright ran the Canberra half marathon in 89:43, and Kim Chisholm finished in 89:45.

Richard Juckes ran The North Face 50 in a little over 6 hours his partner also ran the event, and Tim Craig, finished in under 7 hours, Tim has had crook legs for some time and probably needs knee replacement surgery.


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