January 09, 2013

BBQ Stakes Report 9th January 2013

The big news today is related to Adrian Plunkett.

Today,  he completed his 900 th BBQ Stakes.

He has a long standing commitment at his work, that Wednesday lunchtime should be kept free for his dedication to the stakes.

He has been actively involved in the administration side of the event for a number of years now, as well as being the treasurer, and chief administrator of a whole range of activities associated with the stakes.

45 or more ran today, with Craig Wurtz being the clear winner on 39:55 over the line, with 12 runs and a P.B. of 38:16, on 5 December 2012.

Craig spent the morning taking his daughter around to all the visitor sites around Canberra, including Parliament House and the mint where they coined a one dollar piece. Craig also competes at Customs Joggers and Mt Ainslie and Black Mountain run ups.

47 or so completed today's event. including Gabrielle and Tim Wright.

Tim had a pacemaker installed in the left side of his chest recently, and this was his first Stakes following that operation.  He has been helping record results for several weeks now.

Not many notes today, but it was reasonably hot, and runnable.

A ranger had been noticed displaying notices near one portion of Oakey Hill, but, despite that,  the event went ahead as usual.

Phil Toomey ran today, a return from his many activities away from Camberra.  Good to see him back today.  He has horses in training so has that interest in common with Kerrie Tanner.


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